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Progetto di scambio Italia-Olanda-Germania per le classi quarte Liceo Scientifico e Liceo delle Scienze Umane



International Conference

KGS Waldschule Schwanewede, Germany

17- 23 SEPTEMBER 2023



Sunday 17th September

  • Arrival Dutch group
  • Arrival Italian group

Monday 18th  September

Breakfast with host family.

Arrival at school for 08:25 start. 

08:25            Welcome and house instructions

09:00            Introduction of participants and schools 

10:00            Break

10:30            International Groups (B): Presentation of the companies (German students) and preparation for the excursions 

Tuesday 19th September

11:30             Getting to know each other             

12:30             Lunch at Mensa

13:30             International Groups (A):

15:25             Return to host family, afternoon in host family

19:00             Pool Party at swimming pool Waldschule

21:30             End of programme


Tuesday 19th September

Breakfast with host family. Bring your guest to your assigned meeting point.

Group 1:Group 2:Group 3:
meet at 9:40 at Waldschule bus stop Möbel MeyerhoffHördorfer Weg 3327711 Osterholz-ScharmbeckTel. 04791/8040meet at 8:30 at Waldschule bus stop Kahrs Holz & Bau GmbHBrügger Str. 3128870 OtterstedtTel. 04205/7909910 meet at 9:30 at bus stop “Fähre Farge” OnyxPowerWilhelmshavener Str. 628777 BremenTel. 0421/68810
Group 4:Group 5:Group 6:
meet at 9:15 at the ferry in Vegesack Tischlerei RodiekHansering 527809 LemwerderTel. 0421/697605meet at 8:30 at Waldschule bus stop J. Müller AGNeustadtstr. 1526919 BrakeTel. 04401/9140meet at 8:30 at Waldschule bus stop Omni-pac GroupAn der Kaje 126931 ElsflethTel. 04404/98740  

After the excursions free time  eg. to travel to Bremen, Hamburg or Oldenburg for sightseeing


Wednesday 20th September

Breakfast with host family.

Arrival at school for 08:25 start. 

08:25            Exchange experiences

09:00            working on final product

10:00            Break

10:30            working on final product

12:00            Lunch at Mensa (group 1-4)

12:25            go to Waldschule busstop 650 (group 1-4)          

12:30            Lunch at Mensa (goup 5-6)

13:05            go to Waldschule bus stop 650 (group 5-6)

14:00            guided excursion in the forest

17:00            miniature golf

18:30            return to host family

Thursday 21st September

Breakfast with host family.

Arrival at school for 08:25 start. 

08:25            each international group divides in two

                    A: working on final product

                    B: working with wood (in the work room)

10:15            Break

10:40            groups are changing      

12:30            Lunch at Mensa

13:00            Leave for “Klimahaus Bremerhaven” by bus

 Groups 1 – 3 Group 4-6
13:30 – 14:00World Future Lab10:00 – 10:45Sightseeing at Atlantic Hotel Sail City
14:0 – 15:30Journey around the world10:45 – 12:30World Future Lab
15:30 –Sightseeing at Atlantic Hotel Sail City12:30 – 15:00Journey around the world
Free Time in Bremerhaven

16:45            Group picture at Quay, view of Bremerhaven

17:00             Departure to Schwanewede (ETA 17:30)


Friday 22nd September

Breakfast with host family. Arrival at school 08:25

08:25            Work on final product

9:45              Break

10:10            Work on final product

12:00            presentation of the final products (room 21)

13:05            return home, lunch with host family

19:00            farewell party at Waldschule

22:00            end of programme


Saturday 23th Sep

Breakfast with host family.

  • Departure of Dutch group
  • Departure of Italian group

21-27 Settembre 2024

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